Hello, World!

Published Tuesday April 30, 2019 by admin. .

Category: Press Release.

A “Hello, World!” program is traditionally used to introduce novice programmers to a programming language.

James A Langbridge. “Professional Embedded ARM Development”

We founded Prosperful as a “company that makes companies.” Polymaths at heart, we wanted to be directly involved from conception and branding, to prototyping and launching, and eventually scaling users and revenue. Each company’s underlying mission is to make products and services that empower diverse communities; ultimately, our vision is to make opportunity inclusive.

“It’s sad to work for an end that you do not desire.”

None of us can achieve these lofty goals, let alone build a company, alone.¬†We’re passionate, experienced professionals from diverse fields¬†that thrive in collaboration, and find greater satisfaction in the process of solving critical problems. Building companies is difficult, but we’re capable and fortunate to be doing meaningful work alongside bright, dedicated teammates. The future is for the making, we founded Prosperful to make it until we make it.

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